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Marie is one of the tritagonists from Disney's 1970 animated feature film, The Aristocats.

Both Marie's speaking and singing voices were provided by actress Liz English.


Being an adorable kitten, she is fairly small. Out of the three kittens, she bears the strongest resemblance to her mother, Duchess. Marie has a fluffy white coat, and blue eyes. She has a pink bow tied around her neck, and another smaller pink bow on her head between her ears.


Though Marie is kind and beautiful like her mother and despite her cuteness, she can also be somewhat prissy and spoiled. She is also prone to tattling on her brothers. Marie thinks of herself as a lady, despite her brothers' protests and tries to act ladylike. She seems to be somewhat danger-prone.


Though none of the kittens are the main character in the film, Marie is the most popular one in the film.